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White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

Gartner Predicts 2018: Industrie 4.0 and Advanced Manufacturing

CIOs focused on transformation in manufacturing can learn from the successful efforts in the Industrie 4.0 disciplines, reaping the benefits of successful applications of AI using the IoT, machine learning and additive manufacturing.

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

Igniting Innovation With the Power of Culture  

Workplace culture is the key to innovation. Discover three strategies your organization can use today to build a culture that drives creativity and innovation.

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

Trend Watch: How to Leverage Top Trends for Digital Transformation

Read this white paper to find out trends in digital transformation that are key for manufacturing. Don’t get left behind!

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

Windows 10 Upgrade Readiness Proof of Concept Guide 

If you’ve made the decision to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you’re on the path to a modern desktop that will help your users be more productive, your business be more secure and your IT department be more efficient.

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

Manageability of Windows 10 vs. Chrome OS

As organizations of all sizes and types become increasingly dependent on mobile productivity, workers at those organization require and demand “anytime, anywhere, any device” access to incorporate data and other information. This makes effective device management a critical success factor for IT and the business, as well as integrated device management capabilities key evaluation criteria when selecting operating environments.

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

M365 Modern Desktop Lab Kit

Download this white paper to learn more.

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

How to Deploy and Implement a Modern Desktop

To help you prepare for your shift to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus, we've collected essential technical guidance which you can access by downloading this white paper.

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

Crash Course in Windows 10

If your company is running Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8 Pro, and/or Windows 8.1 Pro, the recommended path for deploying Windows 10 Pro is to use the Windows installation program (Setup.exe) to perform an in-place upgrade.

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

Unblocking Teamwork: 4 Tools & Strategies To Improve Collaboration​

A new culture of work is emerging. For the first time in human history, there are five generations in the workforce, each with different approaches to getting things done. They are increasingly diverse and mobile, working across multiple locations—often spanning time zones—and multiple devices throughout the workday.

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

How to Fix the Problems with Meetings 

Employees spend an average of 10 hours each week in meetings, but research involving more than 800 business leaders tells us that the more digital our world becomes, the more employees need that connection with other team members. They also want meetings to be structured, authenticated, and facilitated through advanced technologies that help participants to connect more easily with those attending remotely.

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