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White Paper | Presented by HYAS Infosec

Taking a Risk-Based Approach to Healthcare Compliance

Approaching compliance implementation and the management of cyber risk as separate initiatives actually makes the overall process and implementation more complex and challenging.

Data Sheet | Presented by HYAS Infosec

Data Sheet: HYAS Insight

Top Fortune 500 companies rely on our exclusive data sources and nontraditional collection mechanism to power their security and fraud investigations.

Data Sheet | Presented by HYAS Infosec

Data Sheet: HYAS Protect

HYAS Protect operates as a cloud-based Protective DNS solution or through API integration with your existing security solutions.

White Paper | Presented by HYAS Infosec

Delivering The Confidence To Move Forward With Protective DNS

Protective DNS focuses on the adversary infrastructure that is used in the attack — it not only provides a fundamental advantage in detecting attacks in real-time, but also provides a vital key to shift one’s security defenses from reactive to proactive and to get ahead of the attacker.

Case Study | Presented by HYAS Infosec

SentinelOne Case Study

SentinelOne deploys HYAS Protect for proactive security and control in an ever-changing environment. Download the case study and learn how the cybersecurity leader is improving security hygiene and locating gaps with Protective DNS from HYAS.

Solution Brief: Microsoft Azure Sentinel

The Azure Sentinel-HYAS Insight combination enables further automation of proactive cyber threat operations and can inform risk assessments, profile attackers, guide online fraud investigations, and map attacker infrastructure. 

Solution Brief: Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

The HYAS Protect integration with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint improves enterprise security by analyzing Defender for Endpoint sensor data to detect communication with malicious URLs/domains and enabling those domains to be blocked.