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eBook | Presented by GoToMeeting

How to Roll Out a Meeting Solution the Hassle-Free Way

As much as 40% of working hours are spent in meetings. When rolling out a new technology, especially one most employees will use on a regular basis, the stakes are high. The wrong solution can drain resources, waste money, make a bad impression and hinder collaboration

eBook | Presented by IBM

E-Book: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Upgrade to a Modern SIEM Solution

Because DIY Security Isn’t Good Enough

eBook | Presented by Salsify

Ebook: How to Manage Product Information for Digital Commerce

This ebook outlines a new approach to product information management; combing true agility and necessary data governance

eBook | Presented by IBM

Overcome the challenges of protecting data that is here, there and everywhere

IBM Security Guardium helps protect your data with scalable monitoring and protection in all kinds of cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

eBook | Presented by Illumio

The Definitive Guide to Micro-Segmentation

The explosive growth of IP networking has let a genie out of the bottle. The more an organization or a nation is connected to the Internet, the more vulnerable it becomes. But the less it is connected, the less able it is to compete in our globalized economy.

eBook | Presented by Microsoft

Clinical Analysis in Health

This ebook provides a jumping off point to help you explore how analytics is being used to revolutionize the healthcare industry. You'll find use cases showcasing how the digital transformation is improving the quality of care for patients.

eBook | Presented by IBM

Simplify IT Support Management with IBM Technology Support Services. ("4-walls ebook")

Expert single-source support across your entire multivendor IT environment, help reduce complexity, decrease costs and ensure availability

eBook | Presented by IBM

Top 10 best practice for successful multi-cloud management

The journey to cloud is complex. Remember these 10 steps to guide you on your journey to successful multi-cloud management.

eBook | Presented by GreenOrbit

5 Barriers to Productivity in the New World of Work

In order to fix the productivity issues, you first need to understand what the productivity issues are. Let’s frame them up and then solve them, in an easy-to-digest format!

eBook | Presented by GreenOrbit

Get Going: 3 Ways Your Intranet Can Be a Launchpad for Success

Your company’s intranet may be a common topic of conversation in your organization, but probably not for the reasons you hope. Clunky. Painful. Slow. Disorganized. Any of these words sound familiar? If you’re lucky, your intranet is an inconvenient yet functional tool. But if your organization is like most, your intranet is a drag-inducing nightmare.

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