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Accelerate Your Journey To The Edge with VNS Application Edge

During this event, we’ll focus on the benefits of moving to the edge, the applications and use cases that are moving to the edge, and how to implement edge infrastructure to support applications faster.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Unisys

Defining Success in the Hybrid Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic illustrated why organizations need to be able to rapidly adapt and respond to business disruptions. However, it won’t be the last disruption businesses face.

White Paper | Presented by Unisys

How Businesses Can Focus On End-to-End Collaboration Experiences

At a time in which collaboration is the new normal, the figure-it-out-yourself approach to the back end of collaboration no longer works. Enterprise end-users expect more. For business development leaders, this means shifting focus on end-to-end collaboration experiences.

White Paper | Presented by Unisys

How to Create the Workplace of the Future: 9 Steps You Can Take Right Now

This blog, based on the conclusions from a recent ISG report, addresses nine actions employers should take now to ensure the future success and mental wellbeing of their employees in the current and future workplace.

Thriving in an era of disruption with Business Modernization

Hear ServiceNow and Cognizant talk about how a combination of an advanced and  world-leading cloud-first technology platform coupled with industry and operational expertise can help customers every step of the way.

Accelerating, sharpening customer insights with cloud-native data services

To better understand and serve customers, organizations must not only tap more data, and more types of data from more sources; they also need to gather, analyze and act on this data far more quickly than ever before.

Case Study: Modernizing Global Replenishment System

The Retail Corporation uses a Bentonville-based centralized database (Teradata) to handle demand and fulfillment for Stores and Distribution centers. Using historical cleansed sales data, it provides accurate predictions to build forecasts for stock/ store and supports promotion/event planning.

Case Study: Rapid Fraud and Non-compliance Detection

The Australian Retailer had a costly fraud analytics solution with poor UX, no integration capabilities and unable to proactively detect fraudulent activities / identify non-compliance procedures resulting in losses of sales, customer, and stock.

Case Study: Retail and Consumer Goods

See how a retailer manages 33% more traffic with Google Cloud.

The Modern Shopping Experience: 3 Steps for an Intelligent Data Strategy

Consumers are seeking personalized experiences across the web and brick-and-mortar stores, and they have new expectations around frictionless engagement. Retail organizations must be ready to meet these demands.

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