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White Paper | Presented by Iron Mountain

Better Together: Tape + Cloud for Data Protection

Organizations are increasingly storing data on tape not just for long-term retention purposes, but also to protect it from ransomware attacks.

eBook | Presented by OpenText

B2B MS for Dummies eBook

OpenText Special Edition, provides you with a handy guide to everything you need to know to get more from your B2B investment. This book consists of seven short chapters that cover what B2B Managed Services is and how it came to be, the business drivers for B2B Managed Services, and the major steps involved in B2B integration and the different approaches to its delivery. The book also dives into the core components of B2B Managed Services, key business benefits and building a business justification for B2B Managed Services, as well as how to select a suitable B2B Managed Services vendor with ten tips when deploying B2B Managed Services.

Building Intelligent Server Management

Server Management is a critical part of a successful IT solution. No matter how a server is utilized - single workload, cloud, general infrastructure, or in a remote or branch office - how it is managed will have a direct impact on the effectiveness and value of the solution. Dell PowerEdge servers are designed with management intelligence in mind, with a focus on simplicity, efficiency, and availability. Dell's systems management solutions can help eliminate the risk of error and bring stability to any IT environment. Download this white paper from Dell EMC, Microsoft and Intel® to learn more.

White Paper | Presented by OpenText

Delivering the continuous, connected customer journey

These days, CX can be summed up in one word—hyper-connected. Technologies and IoT are enabling customers to have omni-channel digital interactions with the world—anytime, anywhere. But regardless of the many terrains customers tread, they expect consistent and personalized experiences. This seamless customer journey can generate game-changing rewards for your enterprise. Read Delivering the continuous, connected customer journey to learn how to optimize your customer understanding, boost customer lifecycle value and gain the edge.

White Paper | Presented by OpenText

Digital twins solutions: Enabling the practical shift to digital-driven asset optimization

A digital twin is a digital reflection of a person, place or thing with comprehensive correlation of all related information—including historical data, current operations and environmental conditions—related to that person, place or thing. This paper is an overview of how digital twins are becoming increasingly common in manufacturing, aerospace and defense environments, along with solution capabilities required to successfully deploy digital twins-driven asset management.

eBook | Presented by OpenText

eInvoicing For Dummies

This is an educational piece that explains einvoicing and options for automation. It positions B2B integration as a more complete solution that includes eInvoicing. The ebook introduces audience to eInvoicing, its benefits and how to be successful with an eInvoicing program. It also talks about eInvoicing regulation and the importance of compliance.

White Paper | Presented by OpenText

Get ahead, Stay ahead: How predictive maintenance sustains always on operations

This OpenText white paper explores the ROI and numerous benefits of predictive maintenance. Learn the top three disruptive technologies that power predictive maintenance and read an in-depth use case that illustrates predictive maintenance in action.

White Paper | Presented by OpenText

Securing the enterprise with 360° visibility: Don’t leave a gap in defenses

Every day, organizations are relentlessly fighting cyber threats. With more at stake than ever before, including customer data, intellectual property and company reputations, one successful attack can mean game over. This white paper demonstrates the need for organizations to have 360-degree visibility into people, systems and things to see every route a threat can take and make informed decisions to remediate them.

White Paper | Presented by Dell & Intel®

Managing Deployment and Ensuring Security throughout the PC Lifecycle

To successfully navigate workforce transformation, you need to consider both IT and end-user needs. Upgrading your hardware, and “right-sizing” it to fit your workforce only solves half the issue. On this video meetup, we discuss the logistics, both operational and security that you’ll need to consider when managing your organization’s PC lifecycle, as well as how Dell can help get you there. This panel includes, Ian Haynes, Product Marketing Manager for Dell EMC and Jason Christensen, Dell EMC Product Development Manager.

White Paper | Presented by Logicalis

Getting the “Hyper” From Hyperconvergence

Cloud computing has empowered businesses in countless ways. Enterprises can now turn up new IT services in near real time with a few mouse clicks. Learn more about empowering your business here.

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