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eBook | Presented by Anexinet

Top Reasons Why Your Disaster Recovery is Destined to Fail

Download now to learn how a pragmatic approach is what it takes to ensure a quick, effective recovery following a disaster.

eBook | Presented by Anexinet

Top Reasons Why Your Disaster Recovery is Destined to Fail

A recent survey found that only 40% of organizations consistently meet their recovery objectives while fewer than 20% of organizations test their DR plans more than once a year.

eBook | Presented by Mesosphere

Kubernetes Up & Running: Dive into the Future of Infrastructure

This book lays out how Kubernetes is architected, and how its tools and APIs can be used to improve the development, delivery and maintenance of modern distributed applications. We hope you enjoy the book, and that it helps you bring your own breakthrough applications to life.

White Paper | Presented by Mesosphere

Cheat Sheet: Get started with Kubernetes Today!

Kubernetes is the most popular option for generalized container management, but a full Kubernetes solution relies on a number of add-ons and complementary solutions. From required ecosystem components to commands; this cheat sheet walks you through what you need to get started with Kubernetes today.

White Paper | Presented by NetApp

Apache Corporation: Drilling for Opportunities with Fast Access to Seismic Data

With NetApp All Flash FAS and NetApp hybrid flash systems, Apache Corporation streamlines scientific workflows to accelerate time to discovery for oil and gas reserves.

White Paper | Presented by TigerGraph

Benchmarking Graph Analytic Systems: TigerGraph, Neo4j, and Titan

When it comes to choosing a graph database, speed is one of the most important factors to consider. How fast can you query? How quickly will data load? How fast are graph traversal response times? This benchmark study examines the data loading and query performance of TigerGraph, Neo4j, and Titan.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Vertex Inc

Brave, New, Uncertain World of Retail

Retail has transformed into an unknown industry based on the multiple channels of selling and jurisdictions. Retailers can make their job easier by turning to tax automation. Read this whitepaper to learn how to find the right tax automation solution for tackling specific retail challenges!

Sponsor Article | Presented by Vertex Inc

Challenges and Opportunities of Blockchain

Finding, accessing, transacting, paying, and settling with counterparties has become seamless with blockchain. In this article, Vertex’s Director of Strategic Development and Emerging Markets will discuss blockchain based business models, AI, and more. Download this article now!

White Paper | Presented by Vertex Inc

Final Cloud For Everyone

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become increasingly popular for companies in the past few years. For many companies, they are ditching their on-premise software for a cost-saving, IT-friendly, and innovative solution such as Vertex Cloud. Download this whitepaper to learn more about Vertex Cloud!

White Paper | Presented by NetApp

Flash Architecture Comparison: NetApp AFF vs. Dell EMC XtremIO

Today’s businesses depend on speed and agility to generate revenue growth. The IT organization must meet the speed requirements of the business, but it must also provide highly reliable systems that fit within budget guidelines. To satisfy business needs within the operational constraints of IT, all-flash storage is becoming increasingly popular.

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