Mozilla Firefox browser logo against a background of abstract blue and orange smoke.

What's in the latest Firefox upgrade? New defense against supercookies

Firefox 85 patches 13 vulnerabilities and strengthens Mozilla's emphasis on privacy by isolating supercookies used to track users' online movements.

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12 hot enterprise tech startups to watch in 2021

These are our picks of the hottest enterprise technology startups in the world right now.

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Macs reach 23% share in US enterprises, IDC confirms

Apple is seeing astonishing Mac market growth in the US enterprise market.


EIZO kantoortoepassingen

“De keuze van een monitor moet gebaseerd zijn op hoe deze bijdraagt aan de organisatie”

Het belang van een ergonomisch verantwoorde werkplek - thuis én op kantoor - is in de post-corona wereld groter dan ooit. Voor Ewald Verholt is het bekend terrein: “EIZO is hier al heel lang mee bezig.”

Gmail Reorder Messages
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The secret to shuffling around emails in Gmail

Changing the order of messages in your Gmail inbox may seem impossible, but it absolutely isn't. In fact, it's actually quite easy — if you know the trick.

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Apple promises something ‘new and wonderful’

Apple's hardware senior vice president is leaving his post to focus on a top secret project at Apple in which he's dedicating time to build something 'new and wonderful.' What is the company driving at?

SD-WAN  >  The concept of a visual transition from hardware cables to software code.

SD-WAN op de agenda van de CIO: dit moet je weten als voorbereiding op de toekomst

Om een dynamisch netwerk te bouwen dat de digitale strategie faciliteert is het zaak SD-WAN hoog op de agenda te zetten.

Tucows on the Internet Archive

In a SaaS world, Tucows closes the Internet shareware barn doors

The end of the long-time software-sharing repository underlines that personal computing isn't what it used to be, as we keep moving apps (and desktops) to the cloud.

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Hoe monitoring tijdens een pandemie meer dan alleen apparatuur beschermt

Wat is er nieuw op het vlak van monitoring in het tijdperk van verplicht thuisblijven?

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What's in the latest Edge update? Password monitor and vertical tabs

Microsoft's Edge 88 delivers major improvements to its password manager and new tab features, including vertical tabs.


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Office 365: A guide to the updates

Get the latest info on new features, bug fixes, and security updates for Office 365/Microsoft 365 for Windows as they roll out from Microsoft. Now updated for Version 2012 (Build 13530.20440), released on Jan. 21, 2021.

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Microsoft to integrate Teams with SAP as partnership expands

Business app integrations with Teams channels would be “next level of maturity” for the popular collaboration platform, says analyst.

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Why smart homes are the future of the smart enterprise

It should become almost as easy to set up a smart factory as it is to build a connected home.

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The Microsoft Patch Lady

Decoding Microsoft Defender’s hidden settings

Though many Windows 10 users opt for third-party antivirus protection, those who use Microsoft Defender may not be getting all of the protection they could. Here’s how to check your settings and what to change.

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Is Windows 10X a Chromebook killer?

With Windows 10X, Microsoft could deliver a slimmed-down version of Windows that could help the company fend off growing interest in Chromebooks. Or it could make a mess of things, again.