If you can't take the heat...

This pilot fish is the entire IT team for the 250 users in the IC design department of a chipmaker in Arizona -- but his biggest problem isn't his very tech-smart users.


Throwback Thursday: Just a basic project

Consultant gets the order to build an online store for a major client. But when he asks for specifications, he's told it's nothing special -- just a basic shopping cart.


Guess who didn't take care of it?

This software team supports a big financial application for Microsoft and Oracle databases -- and that's a problem when the Oracle code becomes an afterthought.


Hey, it may be the best idea this project has seen!

Pilot fish's team is working on a massive upgrade project -- complete with outside contractors, unmanageable management expectations and (surprise!) lots of problems.


Well, DID she ever change her password?

This pilot fish manages an email system for several clients, and he needs to pick good passwords from the get-go -- because these users will never bother changing them.


Big Data -- the 1970s version

It's the late 1970s, and this non-techie pilot fish gets a data processing job with his state's Motor Vehicles department -- where the tech is a little out of date.


Throwback Thursday: Just one thing

IT consultant pilot fish gets a panicked call from a client: The network and VoIP phones have all stopped working, but all anyone in the office did was go into a meeting.


No good deed goes unpunished

Pilot fish handles anything computer-related for this family-run business, which provides business services for large public events -- one of which has a large problem.


Root Cause Analysis

The company this pilot fish works for is acquired by a larger one, and everyone gets a new login based on just the employee's family name -- which in fish's case is Root.


Don't know about the pony, but that dog won't hunt

This vendor's free workshop on machine learning and big data is really a sales pitch for letting users create their own personal clouds. What could go wrong with that?



IT admin at this public library is repurposing an old PC for use by the library's patrons -- but as he puts it in place, it sounds like something inside is falling apart!


Throwback Thursday: And they do this every month?

It's time to service this server room's air conditioning, and the AC vendor has sent a new team this month. So why does this pilot fish hear them screaming for help?


Why DOES it take IT so long to solve user problems?

This seasoned accountant has years of experience at a government agency, and plenty to keep her busy -- if IT can just keep the systems up long enough for her to log in.


Infinite loop

It's status update time in this IT shop, and one team member at a remote office is asked for a progress report on several projects -- but it's not exactly about progress.


What were they thinking?

This outfit assigns email addresses to its employees in a very common way -- first initial, last name. So why is the new guy having so much trouble with his mail?


Nothing like planning ahead

This big national meeting has been scheduled for months, and it starts on Monday -- so who's guaranteed to turn up at the IT manager's office late Friday afternoon?


Throwback Thursday: What could be simpler?

IT department sends out an email blast: From now on, all users will use a single login credential for all areas of the network. At last, an end to all those passwords!


Failure to launch

This space agency is creating a next-generation digital library for a new satellite observation system at an even newer facility -- one that isn't quite debugged yet.


Whaddya mean, 'Isn't it backed up?'

It's the 1970s, and this student's grade depends on 5,000 mainframe punch cards in a tray, and the hands of the operator who will run the program. What could go wrong?


Because what's more important than being on-brand?

Manager at this software vendor insists on admin rights to every system -- and likes to set passwords that consist of the name of the company's flagship product.


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