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Since schools moved to virtual learning and hybrid education models, results have been mixed.

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Since schools moved to virtual learning and hybrid education models, results have been mixed. Reading scores for grades 3-8 this Fall were similar to past years. However, other subjects did worse. For example, math scores data from Fall 2020 for more than 4 million students showed a sharp decline. In the San Francisco Bay area, the number of high school students with a failing grade increase by 37%.

Some of this drop-off is being attributed to the challenge of managing remote classrooms and inconsistency in the technology being used. In remote or hybrid learning setting, teachers are often juggling three different platforms:

  • Classroom management
  • Video conference
  • Learning management

All too often, teachers are forced to focus more on managing technology and moving between platforms than they are on teaching. Depending on the school district, teachers may also be juggling other technologies, such as email and texting, to communicate with students while trying to keep digital safety high.

Look to Radix TeacherView

These are some of the reasons so many school districts have turned to Radix TeacherView for their teachers. An all-in-one classroom management solution using cloud-based tech and a built-in video conference system, TeacherView allows teachers the "over the shoulder" teaching experience they are used to in remote or hybrid setting, stay in touch with their students while keeping their digital safety at a high level, and provide them the best possible learning experience.

Teachers can stop juggling multiple platforms and hoping their students keep up. TeacherView consolidates all the functions needed for remote and hybrid learning into one consolidated platform.

Managing Remote and Hybrid Classrooms

As teachers become more immersed in EdTech, they’ve experienced the shortfalls of working with off-the-shelf products made for a consumer market. Educators have learned that using Zoom, Meet, or Teams is simply not enough. Students are relegated to being online thumbnails and teachers can have difficulty monitoring what students are doing.  TeacherView models the experience of a traditional physical classroom virtually.

Teachers can monitor not only the video but also view the students’ desktops in real-time and virtually walk between students. They can engage either in a 1:1 mode with students or collaborate across groups. This makes it easy to monitor class attention levels and assist students in real-time using AI.

Juggling In-Class and At-Home Students

Another challenge for teachers has been juggling in-class and at-home students. At times, they’re trying to teach in both environments simultaneously. At other times, they’re switching back and forth depending on COVID, quarantines, and local conditions.

In many school districts, teachers trying to teach to some students in the classroom and other students at home at the same time have experienced the frustration first-hand. They need the projector in the classroom to show students in-class but their remote video tools leave parents complaining their at-home students can’t see the screen.

TeacherView can manage students in the classroom, remote students, cohorts, and hybrid classrooms. The same system can work for everyone in every situation. This consistency of experience is better for students and teachers. As the pace of teaching adapts to the technology, everybody gets better at using it to provide a more seamless experience.

If there’s an emergency, teachers can switch to complete distance learning with a click of a button. The experience will remain the same for students and teachers.

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Teachers Can Take Control

When students are at home using consumer software, they’re in control. They can choose to ignore what’s on the screen or play games. With TeacherView, teachers remain in control. They can choose kiosk mode so students focus on what the teacher wants.

  • Apps and websites can be blocked or locked
  • Teachers will be able to simultaneously launch websites
  • They’ll be able to play, stop, or skip videos so that everybody’s in sync
  • This keeps everybody on the same page at the same time

Also, teachers can view any student’s camera or workspace and bring a student’s screen to the front so that everybody can share.

TeacherView also lets educators share their screen, virtual whiteboards, websites, surveys, quizzes, and other interactive elements to improve engagement.

The Benefits of EdTech

More than half of the teachers surveyed felt they were seeing less success since being forced to switch to COVID protocols and remote learning. The educators that felt they held their own versus prior years, or found success, teaching in a remote environment most often pointed to a robust infrastructure that gave them the tools they needed, fostered communication, and allowed for collaboration.

The right classroom technology can make a big difference. Besides making it easier for teachers and students to work in a single platform, it also provides access to additional teaching tools that help with:

  • Increasing student engagement
  • Improving accuracy in skills assessments
  • Balancing real-time and self-paced education
  • Promoting collaboration

Most importantly, it frees up teachers’ time from managing technology. This leads to more meaningful interactions, which are key to improving performance.

This is where TeacherView excels. It eliminates the need to learn and integrate multiple platforms. Having to remember what’s where, how to access it, and trying to pull all these disparate elements together can add to a growing sense of frustration. When everything’s in one consolidated platform, it saves time and makes it easier for everyone.

Radix TeacherView is the Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

School leaders don’t need to accept the status quo. It’s easy to fall into a trap when feeling like everybody is working so hard and doing the best they can. However, there really is a better way to approach remote learning. TeacherView provides the structure and tools teachers need to more effectively manage their classrooms and provide students a better learning environment.

Contact RADIX today for more information about TeacherView and learn how it can make a big difference in your classrooms.


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