Flashback Friday: No worries, we’ve already solved that problem more expensively

We’re sure those cables will come in handy some day.

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Computerworld / IDG

The company where this pilot fish works finally decides to upgrade, across its many facilities, the scanners it uses in production, and the new ones will use USB instead of serial ports.

But, fish reports, the USB connections on the new scanners cause much longer scan times. A tech calls the vendor and learns that a simple setting needs to be changed on the PC to resolve the problem.

Tech tries it, and when it works, he shares the fix with his manager.

Who tells him not worry about it: They have ordered a $25 serial cable for each of the 450 new scanners to resolve the problem.

“Three years later,” sighs fish, “we have yet to open the box of serial cables that was sent to us.”


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