Wayback Wednesday: Maybe she’s still pondering your explanation

Or she was just having a bad-brain day.

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VP asks this pilot fish to change a link on the organization’s website.

The link opens up the user’s email client with her email address inserted in the To field, fish says. She wants the emails to go to another manager instead.

“When I told her that I had completed that task, she informed me that it was not right. She said when she clicked on the link, it opened up her email client and the body of the email contained her signature and not the manager’s signature.

“I chuckled for a moment and told her, ‘I cannot change your signature to the manager’s signature when you click on the link. That’s because you clicked on the link. If someone else clicks on the link, it will open their email client and contain whatever they have in the body of their email.’

“I did not hear back from her.”

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