Where does this document go — OneDrive for Business or SharePoint?

When it comes to saving documents or files, workers have options — sometimes too many — and that leads to confusion. Here's how to choose between OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.

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Office 365 can generate a lot of questions from enterprise users, but few reach the magnitude — in volume, in exasperation — as, "Where do I save my files?"

That's because corporate Office 365 subscriptions come with two competing destinations: the personal storage space managed by OneDrive for Business and the most unsettling public, or at least collaborative, document libraries of SharePoint and its mutating team sites.

At one level, there's no right answer. As long as you save the document or file somewhere — assuming you can remember where that somewhere was — everything is good.

But that won't make the question retreat. So we've tried to come up with a round-up of advice in the form of answers to the sub-queries underlying Office 365's biggest: Where does this document go?

What's OneDrive for Business? OneDrive is the per-user online storage space allotted to each commercial license of Office 365, as well as the name of the service that manages the storage and the application that controls syncing files between devices and the cloud.

(While OneDrive is also available as part of an on-premises SharePoint Server, the vast majority of users have OneDrive storage through Office 365.)

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