The Digital Workspace Has Arrived. Are You Ready?

Combining IT governance and a consistent user experience is the next step in enterprise mobility.

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As the mobile market has matured, organizations have taken significant steps in enabling their workforce while still maintaining control of apps and data. However, as the cloud and the Internet of Things come into play, IT teams may need to expand their focus to create an environment that provides them with governance across all platforms and devices, while giving users a consistent interface for all their apps and seamless authentication to keep them productive.

This evolution toward a “digital workspace” is a logical reaction to the impact that consumer-driven technology has had on the enterprise. Employees increasingly expect the same ease of use in their work experience that mobility brings to their personal lives.

The key to success when embracing and maintaining a digital workspace is providing the user with as close to a seamless experience as possible. The easier it is for an employee to transfer from a workstation to a mobile device and vice versa – without hampering productivity – the better. Of course, accomplishing this goal means IT needs to take into consideration user and app diversity when considering solutions. After all, workstyles, required apps and device preference can vary significantly.

One key to supporting multiple types of users is to deploy a cloud-based solution that offers simplified onboarding with single sign-on capabilities. This allows users to simply enter credentials to activate a personally branded experience that populates the device (workstation or mobile device) with the specific apps that the user needs to get their job done. This is especially useful when the enterprise has users – such as field technicians – who commonly utilize a wide array of devices and in some instances even share devices. It’s the mobile-cloud convergence that makes this automated app access a reality.

While a seamless experience is the key to keeping users engaged, security makes the digital workspace a reality for the enterprise. The goal is to deploy a solution with capabilities that allow IT to effectively deliver, manage and secure any app on any device by integrating identity, application, and enterprise mobility management in one platform.

Organizations cannot afford to take shortcuts when it comes to ensuring secure access to sensitive corporate assets. For example, access to internal resources within the datacenter should remain restricted to only trusted users, devices and applications. This means finding a solution that enables IT to secure the digital workspace by limiting mobile apps, data, and device footprints inside the datacenter and corporate network when necessary.

At the same time. securing mobile devices doesn’t have to restrict user productivity. One way to maintain the seamless experience is with a one-touch mobile single sign-on that allows users to access the apps they need without passwords or complex PIN challenges by leveraging a secure app token system. This system enhances SSO with custom policies such as token-based timeouts. With these controls, an enterprise may leverage stronger passwords or multifactor authentication for initial authentication, after which the employee may not see a login at all for many apps throughout the day, which limits friction.

The digital workspace is increasingly an enterprise reality. Selecting the right solution will play a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and secure transition to a mobile workforce that increasingly relies on cloud-based apps.

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