How to connect to enterprise Wi-Fi security on Android devices

Connecting to wireless networks using the enterprise or 802.1X mode of Wi-Fi security is a bit different compared to using the personal or pre-shared key (PSK) mode. Though connecting to enterprise networks with your laptop may have been straightforward, Android presents you with additional settings you may not understand.

Here's what those settings mean and what you need to know to connect to enterprise Wi-Fi with your Android device:

Download and install any digital certificate files

Start by getting any digital certificate files that are required, for instance if using the EAP-TLS method of 802.1X, from your network administrator. Also, get any recommended certificates, such as the CA certificate so the device can perform server verification.

In newer versions of Android, the certificate import process automatically begins after downloading the file. You just need to input a name for the certificate and select Wi-Fi for the credential use. If lock screen security isn’t enabled on your device, you may be prompted to enable it.

In older Android versions, you may have to initiate the certificate import by accessing the Security or Location & Security settings and choosing Install from SD card. If not already set, it will prompt you to create a password for credential storage.

Connecting to the enterprise network

Just like with any other Wi-Fi network, tap the network name from the list of nearby wireless networks in order to connect. The first time you connect, you’ll be prompted for the authentication settings.

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