Shark Tank: But full access to the network? That I can do

Field support pilot fish has just been hired at this big manufacturing company, and the first thing he needs to do is go to a field office to get an ID badge and the company's e-mail software.

So he drives to the nearest field office, walks in and tells the receptionist that he needs to pick up e-mail software and an ID badge.

"Are you an employee?" she asks.

"Yes," says fish.

"Oh, well then, you need to see our security officer," receptionist says.

Security comes out and introduces himself, then asks, "Are you an employee?"

"Yes," says fish.

"Well, come on in and I'll get you set up with an available desk near an active data port to download the e-mail client," security says. "You do have a Token Ring card with your laptop?"

"No, I only have Ethernet," says fish.

Security quickly produces the necessary card and cables, then leaves fish unsupervised for more than an hour on the company's internal network.

When he finally returns, fish asks about getting his ID badge.

"Do you have an authorization form from your manager to be given the badge?" security asks.

"No, I don't," says fish.

"Well," says security, "I just can't give an ID badge to anyone who walks in off the street and claims to be an employee!"

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