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Technology Can Stop Phishing Breaches? Oh, Really??

Ransomware was the #1 cybersecurity threat in 2016. Phishing continues to thrive as the #1 attack vector used by hackers today. And technology continues to fail to stop it. In 2016, spear-phishing attacks rose 55%, Ransomware attacks grew 4X and Business Email Compromise (BEC) losses skyrocketed 1300%.

Top 6 Things Small Businesses Need to Know About Cybersecurity

Small businesses often lack the budget, staff, and sophistication to assemble strong defenses, making them an easy target where the chances of thieves getting caught is much lower. Making sure your business is adequately protected can seem like an overwhelming undertaking. We've compiled a list of the top things startups and small businesses need to know about cybersecurity to help you get started.

When Cryptors Attack: Timeline of a Ransomware Infection

The total amount of damage caused by cryptomalware can be divided into two parts: the ransom and the related losses. Drawing from our survey of over 4,000 small- and medium-sized companies conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, we take a closer look at the numbers behind the damage.

Whodunit: The Mystery of the APT

Cybercriminals can be certain about a few things, including: Most companies store their important data on their networks; Intellectual property is highly valuable; Many companies don't understand the latest security practices; This is a growing and lucrative market. Learn how to better protect yorself

White Paper | Presented by Insight

Bridge the Talent Gaps in Your IT Team

There is a talent challenge that has led to a spike in outsourced managed service providers. To offload your IT tasks to a managed service provider without losing control of your infrastructure, you need to strike the right balance between leveraging outside resources and efficiently relying on your full-time team. Here are the most popular options for mature IT operations and what your business should consider.

White Paper | Presented by CenturyLink

CenturyLink Cloud Application Manager Solution Brief

Cloud Application Manager enables customer IT transformation by orchestrating the delivery of infrastructure, applications and services across multiple clouds.

White Paper | Presented by CenturyLink

Choose the Right Hosting Solutions for Global Digital Business Initiatives

Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders that are launching digital business initiatives on a global basis can use our decision tree to choose the right infrastructure hosting options.

How an Entire Town Backed Up Over 1.5TBs of Data to the Cloud with Cloudberry Backup on AWS

Join our upcoming webinar with experts from AWS, CloudBerry Lab, and the Town of Edgartown IT to discuss best practices for simplifying online backup management and cutting costs. When: May 10, 2017 | 10am-11am PDT

White Paper | Presented by CenturyLink

IDC Report: Matching Workloads to Cloud Platforms: Finding the Optimal Fit

When it comes to cloud migration, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Effective deployments demand an accurate pairing of workloads and cloud platforms. Download the IDC Analyst Q&A for advice on how to go about aligning workloads to the best infrastructure for the job.

Seamlessly Extend Your Datacenter to the Cloud with Commvault on AWS

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how Commvault and AWS helped Logitech leverage the cloud and gain control over their data and backup infrastructure, workload protection, and bi-directional migration to regain control of their systems and data. When: May 3, 2017 | 10am-11am PDT

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