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6 Things SMBs Must Know About Collaboration

Cloud, Hybrid, And Premises-Based Deployments Spell The Future Of Collaboration. View this infographic to see why Small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) are actively expanding use of unified communication (UC) technologies.

Does My Enterprise Need Web Application Security?

Akamai's web application firewall and DDoS solutions include easy-to-deploy, low-maintenance solutions for enterprises.

Security Trends in High Tech

Are BOTs Good or Bad? Both is the answer. 63% of security respondents view BOTs as a tool as well as a security risk. All websites receive BOT traffic daily but not all BOTs are created equal.

The Connected Mainframe

Mission essential systems run on mainframes. With 71% of corporate data, it is no wonder that 63% of your peers are forecasting growth in utilization. What's more is that the Mainframe now finds itself at an inflection point: going from being a supporting platform of transaction revenue to becoming a source of revenue growth and innovation.

How Do You Measure Protection in the Cloud?

Every cloud security vendor will give you impressive-sounding metrics for cloud security. But what do they really mean? You know you need cloud protection on a large scale. Mega attacks are not typical. But when they hit, they hit HARD.

Three Must-Know Business Continuity Plans

Does your business continuity strategy include cloud, or are you still relying on traditional backup? Check out three simple solutions that address legacy and new-age applications and better understand the advantages of each in this infographic.

Your Path to a Mature Appsec Program

Organizations are struggling to understand where to start with application security, or even what good looks like. To shed light on how to start an application security program, and what to aim for, this report will outline the steps most organizations take to develop a mature application security program.

Are You Trapped in Spreadsheet Hell?

Your product portfolio performance predictions are only as good as your data. But companies still rely on manual spreadsheets as their only means of capturing and storing data for decision making. What's wrong with that?

Bimodal IT: The path to agility

In this infographic, learn what bimodal IT is and what enterprise IT decision-makers recently said about their current and future bimodal IT efforts. The infographic includes some weighted advantages and challenges of bimodal IT, as well as statistics about the adoption rate of both the traditional and agile modes of bimodal IT.

5 Must-Haves For The Digital Workplace

Digital collaboration is supposed to make work easier, right? But if the tools that are supposed to make working together simple don't actually boost productivity and efficiency, what's the point? View this infographic and read the top 5 things every Digital Workplace needs for today's connected world.

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