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Mingis on Tech: Android vs iOS – for mobile security, which one's better?

Apple's iOS has long been seen as a more secure mobile operating system than Android. Here's how to evaluate each side's claims about mobile security.

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New in Windows security: Automatically log off suspicious users

The Cloud App Security subscription service will boot users off the network, and out of apps and services, at the first sign of anomalous behavior.

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Windows 10 1607 cumulative update KB 4034658 wipes out Update History

If you’re updating the Anniversary Update, version 1607, it’s a good idea to take a screenshot of your Update History before installing this month’s KB 4034658.


What's in the latest Firefox update? Support for in-browser VR, among other things

Mozilla's Firefox 55 lets users tweak multi-process performance and takes another step nearer to kicking out Flash.

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iPad sales growth doesn't herald a tablet-as-PC rush

Though Apple posted a 15% sales increase in its last quarter, don't credit its campaign to replace computers with iPads.

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Update: How to get the macOS ‘High Sierra’ public beta

Apple's free preview, now up to version 5, lets all Mac owners try out High Sierra.

Android Chrome OS Alignment

Google's turning up the gas on its Android-Chrome OS alignment

The tales of two platforms are about to intersect like never before.

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It’s time to check your Windows machines and temporarily turn off Automatic Update

With Patch Tuesday just around the corner, you should seriously consider disabling Automatic Update, and wait until the unpaid beta testers have their say.

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The case against Windows Automatic Update

If you’re moderately conversant with your Windows machine, you should consider avoiding Automatic Update. Here’s why.

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Chrome readies built-in ad blocker in early version of Canary

The ad blocker, available for now only on the Windows version of Canary, could reach mainstream browser users by mid-October.

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Android vs iOS: Which is more secure?

While all mobile devices have inherent security risks, Android has more vulnerabilities because of its inherent open-source nature, the slow pace with which users update the OS and a lack of proper app vetting.

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New Surface Pro 4 driver restores Windows Hello — and this time it’s documented

Microsoft says the buggy, undocumented driver, pushed through Automatic Update earlier this week, caused problems on only "a small number of devices."

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Microsoft 365 Business: Office + Windows 10 in one SMB-friendly subscription

Microsoft in July introduced two additional software-as-a-service subscription plans: Microsoft Enterprise 365 and Microsoft 365 Business. It has not yet set a price for Enterprise; the Business version will cost $20/user/month.

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The Android startup-smartphone gamble

Scrappy young companies are making some interesting Android devices — but buying into the startup-smartphone bandwagon doesn't always pay off.

How to hold on to Windows 7 for the long haul

Windows by the numbers: Stubborn Windows 7 unmoved by Microsoft's call to change to 10

Migration watch: In July, Windows 7 remained behind the decline pace of XP

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Microsoft releases dozens of bug fixes for Win10 Creators Update, build 15063.502

Five days after Microsoft declared Windows 10 Creators Update, version 1703, ready for business, it re-released KB 4032188 and dozens of bug fixes.


Top web browsers 2017: Look on the bright side, Microsoft

In July, IE and Edge still lost market share, just not as badly as before. Google Chrome, meanwhile, ticked up.

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The fine print behind Microsoft’s new Surface financing plan, Surface Plus

Microsoft joins Swedish online financing firm Klarna to offer consumers zero-percent, 24-month financing and a limited 18-month upgrade option on all current Surfaces.

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Surface Pro 4 problems: Windows Hello disappears, shaky screen

Surface Pro 4 camera refuses to log in with Windows Hello after an undocumented bad driver was installed. Meanwhile, the shaky screen problem continues.

Android O Notification Dots

Android O has one curiously counterproductive new feature

Google's upcoming Android O release has plenty of useful additions for the business-minded user, but it also has one feature you might not want on your mobile device.

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