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Computerworld is the leading source of news and information for IT professionals who know that technology is at the core of business innovation. For more than 45 years, we have relentlessly covered the changes in the IT industry to keep our readers informed about the most important issues and trends in the fast-moving world of technology. By better understanding what's going on, IT leaders and decision-makers can make the smartest tech decisions and investments. We give our readers the information they need, in context, with in-depth analysis and mission-critical insight that cuts through vendor hype so readers know what's important and what's not.

Our Code of Ethics

  1. Computerworld's first priority is the interest of its readers.
  2. Editorial decisions are made free of advertisers' influence.
  3. We insist on fair, unbiased presentation in all news and articles.
  4. No advertising that simulates editorial content will be published.
  5. Plagiarism is grounds for dismissal.
  6. Computerworld makes prompt, complete correction of errors of fact.
  7. Journalists do not own or trade in computer industry stocks.
  8. No secondary employment in the IT industry is permitted.
  9. Our commitment to fairness is our defense against slander.
  10. All editorial opinions will be clearly labeled as such.

Working with Computerworld

Our technology coverage includes the latest news, features, reviews, opinions and analyses about IT, and our editorial team is always interested in hearing from you. Reporters cover different aspects of the IT industry; check out our Editorial Beats/Contacts to find the best person to contact.

Editorial FAQ

Computerworld, an IDG company, has been the leading source of technology news and information for IT influencers worldwide for 50 years. Computerworld's award-winning website (Computerworld.com), special publications, focused conference series and custom research form the hub of the world's largest global IT media network.

What topics does Computerworld cover?
Computerworld covers tech news trends and analysis, long-term trends and ideas, product reviews and hardware/software comparisons. Computerworld provides peer-based content that's packed with real-world strategies for implementing technology to drive business results.

Who is Computerworld's audience?
Enterprise IT users at all management levels seeking to align their business and technology goals. Only Computerworld delivers efficient coverage of all key stakeholders in the IT purchase process.

Are exclusive stories important to Computerworld?
We welcome them, but our news hounds are more than capable of digging up their own scoops.

Do you sign embargoes?
No. But we will agree to keep news under wrap in particular cases, like when we are testing a forthcoming product or working on a feature with a long lead-time.

Does Computerworld accept vendor-written contributions?
No, we don't accept vendor-contributed articles or unsolicited stories. Please see below for our guidelines for story pitches and freelance writer queries.

We are a business publication, and our target readers are IT professionals in midsize to large companies. We generally do not focus on services or products geared exclusively to the consumer market or very small businesses. Crossover services and products are fine, but they must be useful in a business context.

PR professionals: Your best bet for pitching a quick-turnaround story is to reach out directly to the appropriate beat reporter whenever possible (consult our Editorial Beats/Contacts). For long-term features, please email pitches@computerworld.com.

Freelance writers: Computerworld news and news analysis stories are written by staff reporters; however, many of our features and reviews are written by freelancers. Experienced freelance technology writers are encouraged to send a query with your idea to Valerie Potter.

Also see the Computerworld Research page for information about our annual special reports, surveys and awards programs.

What kinds of stories does Computerworld publish?
Computerworld publishes both news analysis trend stories and long-term feature stories as well as deep-dive reviews.

Our news reporters and editors are interested in tech trends based on news events. Our reporters seek to follow up on straight news stories with authoritative analyses that look at the news from various angles, providing nuance and context that help our readers make the best decisions.

For longer features, we look at bigger-picture topics such as how enterprises are using various technologies (current or coming up in the next year to two), including implementation strategies.

A few very large vendors aside, Computerworld rarely writes about vendors — and that includes new product announcements, executive appointments, earnings news or anything specifically vendor-focused.

Does Computerworld publish product reviews?
Computerworld publishes a limited number of product reviews each year. While we do review some enterprise-level products, we tend to concentrate on technologies in the end user space — the type of products that employers might want to offer employees. We cover both hardware (such as hybrid 2-in-1 devices and laptops) and applications (desktop, mobile and web).

We do not review devices that are still in beta or that are currently being crowdsourced. To request a review of your product, contact Valerie Potter.

What types of pitches get the editors' attention?
On the news side, pitches related to news events.

On the features side, we're most interested in pitches related to IT trends and issues in business and technology. We want to share with readers how enterprises are using technologies in new or interesting ways, what benefits they're seeing, what the pitfalls are. What problems are IT professionals grappling with, and what solutions are there?

In terms of sources, we are most interested in IT contacts from user companies — the CIOs or IT managers who are using a vendor's products — rather than vendor executives.

Which editor do I contact with a product/service announcement, news story or meeting request?
Find the most appropriate beat reporter or contact executive editor Ken Mingis. For news, contact beat reporters directly by looking over the coverage listed in the updated beat list and emailing them. Our reporters and editors prefer email.

What research does Computerworld publish and what awards programs are available?
Computerworld conducts surveys of its readership throughout the year on issues affecting the IT worker. View descriptions of each survey project along with key dates and links to past reports at our Computerworld Research page.

How do I keep up with the latest from Computerworld?

Editorial Beats/Contacts

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Ken Mingis

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Gregg Keizer — Microsoft Windows, Office, Apple/enterprise, web browsers.

Lucas Mearian — Enterprise mobile, including enterprise mobile security, enterprise mobility management (EMM), Apple/enterprise (mobile), collaboration.

April Montgomery
Art Director

Administrative Support
Cheryl Crivello
Editorial Operations Manager

Contributing Editors
Jamie Eckle
Opinions, Letters

Preston Gralla
Windows & Microsoft

JR Raphael

Contributing Columnists
Mike Elgan
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